A Burke Group Company

Letterpress & Die Cutting

Big impact and responsible choices

The look, feel and function of your printed materials are only limited by your imagination. With a multitude of paper choices in a variety of finishes, weights, textures, colours and grades, your printing can make a statement of quality that truly elevates your business and demands attention. However, as the global consciousness continues to shift towards a more sustainable attitude, the availability of fine papers comes with ever increasing restrictions that greatly impacts their availability. 

One way to circumvent the premium paper headache is to utilize some age-old print techniques in new, subtle and sophisticated ways. Custom foiling, embossing and die cutting techniques can alter the appearance of any paper substrate and greatly enhance the impact of any quality printed piece. There is no shortage of environmentally responsible utility grade, bright white paper stocks – in gloss, silk or matte coated and uncoated smooth or vellum options – readily available in a variety of cover and text weight thicknesses. Creative and strategic use of letterpress techniques can make your marketing materials look and feel like a first-class product with nominal investment. 

Form & function 

Create custom sales tools and marketing pieces that fit and perform exactly the way you need them to, and are completely unique to everything else out there. With our combined technical and marketing experience, we are a most valuable resource to your design process. We can direct the technical aspects and advise on a multitude of real-world applications for custom die-cut products. There isn’t a die cut application that we can’t offer a solution for. From multi-panel, pocket sales folders with custom enclosures to custom packaging to contour cut door hangers and shelf talkers of all kinds – and everything else in between – we can be your most knowledgeable guide to create the die cut solution that is right and personalized just for you.