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Mail & Distribution

Spread the good word

Everyone appreciates the simplicity of direct home delivery (enormous on-line retail enterprises have been built on this model). As the purpose of global postal delivery evolves, so does consumers attitude towards traditional mail services. In this modern age of convenience, home delivery has not only become an affordable network of package and parcel goods delivery, but a powerful marketing medium for non-profit and for-profit advertisers alike.

As a registered Canada Post mail service provider we are experts at working within all the rules, regulations and guidelines of mail distribution. With no minimum or maximum quantity restriction of our variable print capabilities, we can ensure that the visual impact and personalization of your mail piece stands out amongst other mailbox items. And, that the delivery of your product reaches its intended destination – intact and on time.

  • Targeted / Personalized Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Unaddressed Admail Campaigns
  • GeoPost and Statement of Mailing Services
  • Direct Imaging and/or Mailing Label Creation from Supplied Data Base
  • Postage and/or Mail Indicia Application
  • Local, National and International Mailing
  • Magazine & Catalogue Distribution
  • Newsletter Distribution
  • Special Event Invitations
  • Self Addressed Return Mailers
  • Philanthropic / Charitable Donation Letter Campaigns
  • More 

Timing is everything

In addition to mailing services, we also provide solutions that can greatly improve processing times of your regular business essentials. With ongoing distribution and inventory of materials, there are significant economical benefits to pre-printing and accessing an inventory of regular consumables. Contact your Printcor representative today to explore the split shipping / split billing benefits of establishing print on-demand services for your business.