A Burke Group Company


New technology and traditional know-how 


Our talented prepress team is capable of not only processing supplied files, but also are quite simply the best at manipulating the input to guarantee the accuracy of output. We ensure that your brand guidelines will be consistent and perfectly managed across all visual reproductions.

We accept files created in all major page make-up software applications, built on either the Macintosh or PC platform, and we also work with (and prefer) industry standard PDF files.

Our state of the art imaging technology and a PDF workflow management allows for quick and efficient turnaround of each project. After initial preflight, files are sent to our imposition station where the project is imposed for printing. The actual data for printing is used to generate a final proof. This ensures accuracy and provides assurance in knowing that what we proof, is what we’ll print. Additionally, personalized online soft proof and approval software is made available to our regular clientele, which expedites the proofing process within an industry leading timeframe.